Sample Page for Posting Podcast

I'm not going to obsess over format for this assignment, but a couple students have asked me what I have in mind, so try this. It needn't unfold in this style or in this order, but this is at least one possibility.

My main attention is going to be on the podcast itself, as well as the explanatory headnote. If you have any opportunities to make your podcast page fancy and full of pictures (etc.), feel free, but that is not expected.


Here's where you'd write your headnote explaining what your podcast accomplishes, what argument it develops, what reading of the novel it clarifies, etc. Depending on the nature of your project, you might offer some context, develop a close reading (akin to the Portrait annotations you did earlier), link to some of the Wiki topics, etc. If you want to call our attention to any specific points in your podcast, go for it. For example, something like this might be helpful (with textual citations and/or time cues in parentheses):

  • In developing my argument about sexuality in "Sirens," I employ a brief excerpt from the song "Those Lovely Seaside Girls," associated primarily with Boylan (5:30). Later, I use this song as background for Boylan's jingly keys (11.458) and "bounding tyres" (11.525; 5:50). As the clock strikes four (6:10), . . . (etc.)

You might then even go about annotating your own headnote with hyperlinks, etc., though that's definitely optional.

Big picture: If you're doing something radical/experimental/creative, it is especially, doubly, triply important that your headnote do a good job of framing the project, in a way that demonstrates close and careful reading of the text.


Attach your podcast as a .wav or .mp3 file.

Transcript/Outline (optional)

Some students have asked if it would be a good idea to post a script/outline of their podcast. My response has generally been "Sure, if you think it would help me follow along." Up to you. However, I want to stress that you need to have a very careful plan for your production--do not simply turn on the mic and improvise whatever's on your brain. Whether the whole thing is scripted, or whether some parts are scripted and others extemporaneous, you need to have a well-thought-out structure for what you're doing. Posting an outline or transcript would be a good way of disciplining yourself to go in with a careful plan of action.