Portrait Annotations

Please link to your Portrait of the Artist annotations from this page (for example, from a link reading "David R.'s Portrait Annotation," or whatever). I would also suggest linking to your annotation from your individual intro page.

Assignment (from the syllabus):
My annotations of the description below are meant roughly (very roughly) as models for what your annotation can do. But you should aim to do better, obviously.
      • tundish.jpgType the passage up on the page, and annotate it by integrating multimedia (images, A/V clips, etc.), and linking specific words from the passage to web references (e.g. explaining historical details or incidents referred to in the text). You can also link to sub-pages, created by you, that clarify specific details from the passage.
      • For example, if your passage includes the word "tundish," you could link that word to a separate "tundish" page where you elaborate its importance. I'll offer technical tips soon. Aim for 800-1000 words of writing (not including the passage itself).

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