For our podcast assignment, I focused on dialogue in the “Cyclops” chapter concerning the citizen and national trauma. National trauma is inextricably linked to personal trauma for the citizen as he experiences the traumatic event through the act of drinking. I will be using this topic for my final paper as well, so I wanted the podcast to be a sort of addendum. I accomplish this by using sections of the text that I wouldn’t be able to include in the paper due to their length. I feel that these sections are pivotal in illustrating the citizen’s position on domestic issues in Ireland, especially in places such as 12.39-12.57 where he goes through a laundry list of past glories. The citizen is primarily concerned with the influx of outsiders into Ireland which he sees as the cause of its undoing. To that end, he scapegoats Bloom whom he views as the epitome of Ireland’s problems despite the fact that Bloom is just as Irish as anyone in Barney Kiernan’s. I feature the antagonistic relationship between the two in this podcast because I feel that the tension there is crucial to understanding the citizen’s outlook on the world.

On the technical side of constructing this podcast, I used the podcast feature in GarageBand. I had never used that particular component of GarageBand, though I have used the program to record songs. Turns out, it’s just about the same across the board. I based the podcast on radio hour segments where a narrator introduces the program and interjects commentary between re-enactments. I began by composing the narrator’s script and then continued along by picking sections from the text I wanted to use. After I had the dialogue all set, I found diegetic sound effects on YouTube for street-market noise and barroom noise. Using one track for voice and one for ambience, I recorded the narrators voice and stopped before switching to character voices from Cyclops and turning on background sounds. Because I recreate the narrator, Joe, the citizen, and Bloom, I considered bringing in friends to play these separate parts. If I would have actually been able to wrangle actors, the podcast would probably have popped a little more, but that was not to be and I had to do all the voices myself. I’m not unhappy with the way it turned out. In fact, I think consulting the internet for tips on reproducing an Irish accent helped out quite a bit. I was surprised to find that the dialogue and script conveniently landed at exactly twelve minutes, as if by design.

I hope this podcast both entertains and clarifies dynamics in “Cyclops” that might not have been clear concerning to the citizen and his traumatic experience. For my own purposes, I know that the podcast has helped me organize my thoughts and source material for our impending final paper. And ultimately, this was an interesting project because I had certainly never considered utilizing the medium before. The podcast forced an intimacy with the text that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise. Enjoy!
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