An amusing Joyce joke equating Steven's erotic dream with art. Even more amusing is how shameful Steven finds the dream initially before eventually deciding that it was actually an homage, a prelude to the poem he writes perhaps. Joyce makes some similar cracks in Ulysses where his intents are a little more obvious (self deprecation, and a lampooning of his characters' more self serious attributes), whereas here, this bit could easily get lost in the shuffle. It provides more evidence regarding Joyce's own views on his analog, suggesting once again that we are meant to scoff at the emotionally confused Steven and his impressive ability to contextualize his presumptuous lustings as not only art, but art that this lady would be interested in hearing. Now, interestingly enough, Joyce himself was prone to concoct wildly profane and detailed erotica on behalf of his wife, so in some regards this could be read as straight faced, but one must keep in mind that these were written in the confines of their relationship and weren't meant to be widely available to the public. Enjoy a reading of one by Martin Starr to get an idea if you want... (NSFW, trigger warning, et al. Its kind of vile).